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Springfest 2015

Despite the rain, we had an excellent time at Springfest 2015 in Fayetteville on Saturday. There were lots of cool vendors, live music, and a dog parade. What more could you ask for from a street fair?

“Max’s Wild Night” was the sales leader for the day (and Kimba is pretty miffed about this). Scott (the money guy across the hall) nagged me about the “dog book” until I finally wrote it, and I’m thrilled to see it walking away in happy little hands.


The new book set up with “Max’s Wild Night” now in the mix. Kids loved the Max toys!



A parade of dogs highlighted the day. So many dogs in costume! I’m not sure Max would stand for that.


That is one chillin' pit bull.

That is one chillin’ pit bull.

The view down the street from our booth. It was a people watching dream.

The view down the street from our booth. It was a people watching dream.

Despite the fact that it rained for a few hours mid-day, we had nice book sales and wonderful conversations. Fayetteville is full of really delightful people!

You could even get some kisses, if the mood struck you.

You could even get some kisses, if the mood struck you.


The Girl Scouts had a cookie booth next to mine. There was no way I was leaving without some cookies. Kimba and Hiro just wanted to play with the crinkle wrappers inside. It was literally their last cookie sale day of the year. Whatever didn’t sell will be donated to shelters and food kitchens. I never knew they did that with the leftovers. Wonderful.

I imagine that we will do Springfest again next year. I’d love to see how busy it is without the rain. Up next is the War Eagle Spring Craft Fair in Sharp’s Field on May 1-3 (right next to the mill). I wonder if Max will be the winner there as well.

I’m on target for my writing goal for “Slinky Steps Out” this month and just finished editing a delightful “coming of age on the river in the 1930s” Huck Finn-style book for Pen-L Publishing. Editing for “At the Corner of Magnetic and Main” starts in a couple of weeks, and it should be out in August. Very exciting!

I’ll be sharing official release information for “Max’s Wild Night” shortly. May 1 is his birthday, so that’s our big launch date. I think we have all the kinks worked out at amazon.com and are ready to roll. Good dog, Max. We should both get a treat.





National Pet Day Honors

Since it’s National Pet Day, a quick post in honor of all of our fur babies seems appropriate.

Rescue Family Photo

Buddy isn’t with us anymore, but he is an important character in my series so I include him in my table display at book events. Tabitha/Slinky also lives under another roof now that “Mindy” has gotten big enough to move out. Hey, that sounds like a good book plot.

I’ll be posting more next week with Springfest on the horizon, but today I’m editing a murder mystery for Pen-L Publishing and writing on “Slinky Steps Out.” Preparation for the Eureka Springs Junior/Senior Prom is also beginning upstairs for “Leia.” Duck and cover, everyone!

More news on the release of “Max’s Wild Night” coming very, very soon. Just waiting for the ebook formatting to be complete.