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Celebrate Shelter Pets Day Is Here!

Check them out on Facebook!

Check them out on Facebook!

Today is Celebrate Shelter Pets Day, and we here at the Dendler house are certainly grateful for our family of rescued pets. Kimba and Hiro were found in a box when they were only a day or two old, so they never got as far as a shelter, but they were rescued all the same. Samantha and Tabitha (aka Miss Fatty Cat and Slinky) were rescued through Noah’s Ark no-kill shelter in Cypress, TX, when they were a few months old. Max (aka The Big Black Beast) was also rescued from a no-kill shelter that I don’t even remember the name of now when he was a year old. Even Buddy came to us out of the woods behind a house in Livonia, MI, and was with us for many years.

Adopting or buying a new pet is always a risk. You never quite know what you are going to get, so why not take that chance on a shelter pet who desperately needs to be given a home. Send your money and your love to a shelter near you today!

Follow Shelter Pets Day at Facebook or at #celebrateshelterpets on twitter. Shelter pets rule!