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Two New Book Reviews For “Vacation Hiro”

The official book launch is only a few hours away!! As part of the blog tour, two new book reviews for “Vacation Hiro” posted today.

The first review is from Found Between The Covers, and I’m thrilled that Sherrey enjoyed Book 2 even more than Book 1. Click here to see the whole review at her blog, but here’s my favorite part:

“When I finished reading and reviewing Why Kimba Saved the WorldI couldn’t imagine Meg Dendler surpassing that story or the personification of the animals in her first book in the Cats in the Mirror Series. I. Was. Wrong!”

Thanks, Sherrey!

 The second review is from The Styling Librarian, who also thoroughly enjoyed it and recommends the series to her readers. Yay! Thanks, Debbie! Click here to see the whole review all the way from Hong Kong.

Be sure to visit both of their sites and follow them on twitter and Facebook. I’ve loved following them myself.

“Vacation Hiro” hits the world Friday morning!! Watch out world!

Book 2 in the Cats in the Mirror Series

Book 2 in the Cats in the Mirror Series

Cover 2 Cover Book Review of “Kimba” Today

Just a quick shout-out to blog tour host Cover 2 Cover today for her great book review of “Why Kimba Saved The World.” She is also running a free copy giveaway, so be sure to share her link with your friends so they can enter for a free copy. Thanks, Stephanie!!  Click here for the full feature and review, but here’s my favorite part:

“As I was reading this book, I was laughing and thinking about my cat, and how he too is a found stray and how many of his first places and movements were similar to Kimba and Hiro’s. I think Cooper (my cat) may too be communicating with and accomplishing his missions with the strange things he does and things he gets into…”

Yes, Stephanie, watch out if Cooper pays too much attention to YOUR computer. You never know!

There’s another blog tour stop tomorrow, so stay tuned!



Fun New Book Review For “Kimba”

Follow this link to read the delightful new book review and commentary of “Why Kimba Saved The World” at Book Reader’s Haven. She really went all out with video links and photos and details from the story. It is so wonderful to be appreciated and have that love shared!! Be sure to follow the link so her site gets the hits, but here’s one great part of the review:

“The next book, starring Hiro will be out soon! I can’t wait…Oops, I mean, your child will be anxious to meet and learn about shy, sensitive Hiro who is Daddy’s girl! Watch for the next book in this series, but in the meantime, I highly recommend you meet Kimba! She’s going to win your heart with her story of…Love…”

And she is so right! “Vacation Hiro” is being formatted right now and should be ready to share by November!