Magnetic & Main

At The Corner of Magnetic and Main is totally different than Meg’s middle grade stories.
It’s for grown-ups, first of all. And there’s not a cat to be found anywhere in the story.
But there are some very confused and very stuck ghosts.


It’s hard to get on with your life when you’re already dead.

Penny had been stuck in the same diner for decades—ever since she died in 1952. Her diner was comfortable and safe. Serving ice cream to those who dropped in on their way to the next level of existence, she helped to ease their transition into The Light, the one place she can’t go. Her afterlife was perfect. But when the ridiculously handsome, bad boy biker Jake Thatcher shows up and becomes stuck as well, Penny rediscovers feelings that she thought had been buried with her body. Life is still life, and love is still love. But was her existence really perfect, or was it something else entirely?

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The corner of Magnetic and Main is an actual spot in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and the diner there was the beginning of the inspiration for this story.


Literally at the corner of Magnetic and Main in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I love the cobwebs on the sign. Very ghosty.


Magnetic Spring, one of the settings in the story.


Outside the diner that was the inspiration for the story.


There really is a bright-pink “biker beware” sign on the route that Jake follows into Eureka Springs. Hopefully, wise bikers pay more attention to the warning than he did.

It not a great photo, but this is one I took inside the diner on my one and only visit.

It not a great photo, but this is one I took inside the diner on my one and only visit. Yes, there really are Coca-Cola items everywhere!